Zone Championships, Saturday 2004

Teigan in the U11s 1500 U10s 1500m start
Nathan in the U14s 1500m David checks his result U8s 60m Hurdles
Tom & David compare results - U11s 60m Hurdles Joseph waits - U9s 60m Hurdles
Christopher in the U10s 1500m U11s 1500m start
Nicola's unsure - U9s 60m Hurdles David in the U11s 1500m
Strict instructions U12s 1500m Pre-race Annaleise - U12s 1500m
U12s 1500m start Michael in the U12s 60m Hurdles
Maclane & Anna U12s 1500m Ryan finishes U12s 60m Hurdles
A patient Samanthi - U14s 100m Nice socks Yvette - U10s 100m
Daniel catches his breath - U9s 100m Samantha gets back in line - U12s 100m
Go Rachel - U11s 400m Go Kalynda - U12s 400m
Go Brenton - U12s 400m Big finish Eric - U7s 100m final
Marina - U10 Girl Kayla in the U13s 400m
Caitlin acknowledges a fan - 3000m Strong finish Brenton - U12s 100m final
Jordan in the 1500m Luke in the 1500m
Jake crashes on through - U9s 60m Hurdles Claudia 1st over the line - U8s 100m
Anthony completes the U14s 100m Nicholas at the finishing line U14s 100m